Rapid Eye Technology

A natural, safe way to release stress and trauma.

Rapid Eye Technology (RET) is a natural, and safe way to release stress and trauma. It simulates REM sleep, your body’s own natural release system. According to an article in the August 2007 issue of Scientific American, micromovements of the human eye give us the capacity for vision – and a window into the mind.

By coaching the client in blinking, eye movements in specific sequences, breathing, imagery, and stress reduction techniques, the RET technician assists in the release of stressful emotional, mental and physical patterns. On the neurological level RET replicates the processing, ordering and discharging that we do naturally each night during REM (rapid eye movement), the dream stage of sleep. Research has determined that the integrative eye movements of the REM stage are vital to psychological health.

Catherine Paddock PhD reports: “During REM sleep memories are being reactivated, put in perspective, connected and integrated, but in a state where stress neurochemicals are beneficially suppressed.” (quoted from “Dream Sleep Eases Painful Memories” in Medical News Today, November 24, 2011).
During an RET session the client sits comfortably in a chair or recliner as the technician moves the eye directing device rapidly in front of the eyes as the client is blinking rapidly. The sequence of movements stimulate sensory modalities charted by the developers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ( NLP), a system of cognitive retraining through language and perception.

The process in RET work bypasses ordinary cognitive structures and defenses, allowing one to access and transform material from deeper areas of the psyche.
RET physiologically and psychologically opens up neuropathways where the energetic memories of our personal and inherited traumatic experiences are stored.

Rapid Eye Technicians are trained not only in the technical aspects of RET sessions, but they are also trained as Life Coaches and facilitate Skills for Conscious Living classes, which adds language and cognitive processing to assist clients toward their personal awareness and self-empowerment. The classes include experiential activities which help individuals realize more fully functioning and peaceful patterns of response to their circumstances and in relationships. Through the wholistic approach of the RET private and group sessions and the cognitive training and experience in classes, Rapid Eye Technology is proving to be a very effective tool for addressing issues such as addictions, depression, PTSD, anxiety, etc.

Facts About Rapid Eye Technology

During a Rapid Eye Session the conscious mind communicates with the subconscious mind, creating a safe environment to let go of the energy attached to stress or trauma.

The RET Technician uses an eye directing device (wand) to direct the eyes while the client blinks rapidly. As the wand moves back and forth in front of the eyes the client picks up the fast movement, replicating the “alpha/theta” brain wave state.

The RET Technician uses rapid spoken verbal communication to direct the release of core issues. During this process the eyes are rapidly blinking and releasing the energy of emotions, pictures, and memories. Many different eye movements, techniques and processes work to safely affect change in the whole.
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University College London researchers have discovered that the brain lays out a grid of cells that represent a map of spacial orientations and locations in space. In an interesting coincidence, the RET eye directing device (called a wand) is moved in a hexagonal 3D pattern just in front of the face – a pattern that due to its special character may be very familiar to this part of the brain.
A Certified RET Trainer is trained in the following techniques:
Basic stress release tools and techniques
Immediate Release Technique (IRT)
Emergency Process
Skills for Life Coaching
RET Self Care
All Rapid Eye Technology Wand* Techniques and Processes
12 Sessions of Integrated techniques and processes
Client care and safety
Basic understanding of the RET model
Mastery and understanding of the purpose of the wand techniques
Integration of IRT and Emergency Processes in a RET session
Skill in identifying and processing a non-productive pattern
Knowledge of how to use body walks and cognitive processes
Skills in utilizing special techniques for achieving specific outcomes
Additional skills for working with groups
Skills specific to telephone sessions
Facilitation skills specific to Rapid Eye Technology Training
Presentation skills specific to Rapid Eye Technology training
Leadership skills
Specialized techniques and processes for achieving training goals
Extensive experience with Rapid Eye Technology in many situations